How the time flies! And the years have been full of life in its full range of laughter and tears. That is what happens when we work with pets and their families. 

 The old vet clinic at 46 Halifax St NelsonWhen we sat down with architect Ellen Brinkman to design the new Halifax Veterinary Centre we focussed on just a few key ideas.  

  • We wanted to retain the warm friendly feel of the old Halifax clinic 
  • We wanted sunlight in all our key work areas so we knew we were in Nelson 
  • We wanted a sense of openness so that clients could see through to our work areas as well as visit with their pets 
  • We wanted to continue to sit with clients during our consultations so that they and their pets would be more relaxed. This is still a rarity in New Zealand. 

It seems to have been a great success. Hundreds of clients have commented over the years how much more relaxed their pets have been than at any other clinic they have been to. 

If you want to read more about the Halifax story, how we started and why we developed the way we have, follow this link to a website story. 


Vet online booking portal Nelson New Zealand

Our lovely new online booking portal

Pet Portal launches a new era of openness.

Our latest offering comes in the form of our new Pet Portal, which can be accessed here on our website. This portal enables you to log in at any time to see when your pet is due their next check-up, flea treatment, worm treatment, blood test or vaccination. Here you can access your pet’s full medical history and even book online appointments with the click of a button. Simply head to our website to sign up, your portal is already linked directly to your account and ready to go.

We always love to hear from you and your pets. Social media offers us a unique opportunity for a previously unheard-of level of connectivity with our patients and their pet parents. Please do follow us on Instagram and Facebook so that we may follow you and your pets back. We often post very useful bites of clinical, behavioural and seasonally relevant information on our channels so it’s a fantastic way to obtain useful guidance from our team. We always love sharing pictures and videos of our patients too, so keep those coming!