Senior Health Checks

Our mission statement is ‘To help you enjoy your pet being happy and healthy for longer.’

With this in mind, we’ve crafted a special spring offering for our ‘senior’ patients. Pets age much more quickly than we do, reaching middle age at 6 – 8 years of age and becoming geriatric around 9 – 12. While slowing down and other common symptoms are often accepted as ‘normal’ for the aged, these vague symptoms can also be the first indications of something far more complex going on under the surface.

To help us know the health status of your senior pet we recommend coming in for a Senior WOF at least once a year. This enables us to examine important parameters such as the health of internal organ systems, cognition (yes, cats and dogs can become senile too), mobility and any associated pain or discomfort. Of course, these checks also enable us to detect disease processes such as cancer or kidney disease far earlier than if we had waited for the appearance of more severe symptoms – cats for example are masters in hiding discomfort until the problems are very advanced. Skin lumps need assessment too. Just waiting to see how fast they grow is not a good strategy. 

There is so much we can do to assist your pet in their senior years if we just have the information. Many times stiff or confused oldies can see a massive increase of quality of life once treatment has been instituted.

During your pet’s Senior Health Check your vet and vet nurse will work with you to ensure we have a complete picture of your pet’s health. The package includes:

  • Complimentary pre-consult mobility questionnaire
  • 40 minute consultation ($62.00)
  • Blood testing: Haematology ($34.50)
  • Blood testing: Biochemistry ($117.30)
  • Blood testing: Electrolytes ($24.84)
  • Urine testing, including USG, chemistry, sediment examination, cytology ($47.25)
  • Diagnostic blood pressure monitoring ($22.50)
  • Mobility Assessment ($39.00)

The cost of this package is $374.14. To ensure we encourage as many of our older pet owners to take advantage of this offer as we can, we have decided to include the Mobility Assessment for FREE and also take a further $50.00 off!

This means you are receiving the total package for $258.14, a total saving of $89.00!

To take advantage of this special offer just click the link below to fill in your pet’s questionnaire then phone us on (03) 548 3871 to book an appointment.

Feline Mobility Assessment Quiz

Canine Mobility Assessment Quiz


Nika, 13 years young.