At Halifax Veterinary Centre we’re focused on preventive care to keep your pets happy and healthy. We aim to detect the small issues with the furriest members of your family before they become major health problems.

The bulk of our patients are cats and dogs but we also work on guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice and pet birds. We also provide veterinary services to Natureland in Tahunanui so see a range of exotics including monkeys, lizards and porcupines to name a few.

We have a great team here at Halifax Veterinary Centre who are 100% dedicated to providing the best pet care available. As Hans, one of our most experienced team members says, “There is never a day when I am not challenged, not learning something new, and not getting great pleasure from my clients and their pets.”


Pet Care Rewards

At Halifax Veterinary Centre, we also run a loyalty programme. How this works is that when you sign up you’ll receive one point for every dollar you spend. Once you have 100 points you’ll get a voucher which will entitle you to discounts of $5-$10 on pet products and services.

Enrolment forms are available at the clinic.