Modern X-ray equipment helps with accurate diagnosis and treatment

We have a state of the art digital processing system. This improves their diagnostic value so we are more likely to discover the problem and less X-rays need to be taken. Processing time is much faster than the classic photographic developing so your pet need not be sedated or anaesthetised for as long.  The X-ray images are stored in a special server and continually backed up to a separate hard drive for increased security. JPEG copies are included in your pet’s notes, and you routinely get a copy of your pet’s notes at each visit.

Our powerful Xray generator means that high-quality X-rays can be taken even of the largest dogs. High power means shorter exposure times are possible which means less blur and sharper, clearer images of moving parts like the heart and lungs.

Hear what our customers have to say

We choose to travel from Mapua to the Halifax Vet Clinic, Nelson with our pets because we find the vet team to be highly skilled and extremely professional. Their diagnostic skills are excellent, and their verbal explanations and written documentation ensure the pet owners are fully informed of the problems, subsequent treatment and aftercare.

Halifax has extremely sophisticated diagnostic equipment which enables fast, on the spot diagnosis, and hence quicker and more targeted treatment. The veterinary nurses also have a wide knowledge base and are extremely helpful, especially with phone queries.

In view of the above we are totally satisfied our loved pets will get the best care and attention possible.

Jill and Peter Smillie, Mapua

A big thank you to Josie’s extended family at Halifax Veterinary Centre. I wish to thank you all for making Josie feel special not just to me but also to yourselves as well. Your care for her over the years is something that I will always treasure and respect. She was my special friend for nine years and I feel we were all lucky to have a share in her friendship.

Wayne Greig