From presurgical evaluation through to post-surgical follow up care, at Halifax Veterinary Centre we offer the very best animal surgery services.

We have all the tools for a thorough pre-surgical evaluation to help ensure that the procedure is carefully pre-planned. We then provide safe anaesthesia based on excellent systems and equipment. All animals are constantly monitored by our fully trained and experienced nurses using comprehensive monitoring equipment. Your pet is kept warm throughout their care, on warmed air mattresses and/or computer controlled warming of the anaesthetic gases it is breathing.

Surgery planning includes detailed discussion with you as a pet parent around the options available, the risks involved, the post-operative healing times and how you can help. The use of CT (computed tomography), ultrasound and Xrays help us know what the issue is prior to surgery. This avoids unnecessary surgery, and helps choose the best treatment straight away which of course leads to the best outcomes for your pet

Pain management is a crucial part of the process and something we pride ourselves on. This utilises various pain relief methods including all important physiotherapy and nursing care.

Surgical infection rates in the clinic are very low through strict systems developed to be hospital standard accredited. All surgical equipment and gowns are sterilised to the highest standards. The theatre has computer controlled positive pressure ventilation with 20 room changes of temperature controlled and HEPA filtered air per hour. All theatre personnel are capped and masked.