On the 14th of June we celebrate World Blood Donor Day.  Just like us, our furry friends can donate blood and save lives. 

Imagine coming home to find your beloved pet collapsed.  You rush them to the vet to be told a blood transfusion is required to save their life.  Phone calls are made, and a blood donor arrives at the clinic.  Blood is collected and transfused into your pet saving it’s life.

There are multiple reasons we would need blood donors. The most common reasons are trauma with blood loss and certain toxins. Luckily, we don’t require blood very often. However, when we need it, we can’t wait!! 

Where do our blood donors come from?  They are our patients and pets.  We keep a register of canine and feline blood donors that can be called in to donate when needed.   

As some of our donors reach ‘retirement age’ for donations and move away we need some fresh blood (get it, haha!) from a new recruitment of donors. 

What is the criteria for blood donation?

  • Good temperament and enjoy coming to the vet 
  • In good health and up to date with core vaccinations 
  • Females must be de-sexed and never had puppies 
  • Not on any medications 
  • Blood typed and screened for infectious diseases transmittable in blood  
  • Able to be sedated for blood collection 


  • Over 25 kg body weight and not over- or underweight 
  • 1-7 years of age 


  • Over 4.5 kg body weight and no over- or underweight 
  • 1-8 years of age 

If you are interested in signing your pet up to our blood donor list please fill out this form and our team will be in touch to discuss the process. Not all patients that fit the criteria are suitable blood donors – we have staff pets that don’t make the cut!   

As a token of appreciation for being available, all our blood donors receive yearly health checks and core vaccinations along with a thank you gift every time they donate. 

If you’re interested in discovering if your pet could be a candidate, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you soon.

Blood Donor Registration

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