At Halifax Veterinary Centre our consult rooms are designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.

The consult rooms receive good natural lighting and we sit down together for as much of the consultation as possible. The examination table is, therefore, lower, and not stainless steel so it is less scary for your pet. If it is more convenient or more comfortable for your pet we can examine them on the floor.

Our team don’t wear white coats because we want you and your pet to feel as comfortable as possible. Feliway and Adaptil pheromones are used throughout the clinic to help reduce stress and anxiety in both our cat and dog patients.

A routine consultation is 20 minutes, and for first puppy or kitten visits, and for complex problems the receptionist will block out extra time.

We aim to do a thorough examination of your pet, because your pet may often have problems that you haven’t recognised. These problems can often be more serious than the problem you had brought your pet along for. Many problems are interrelated. You then get the full picture and can decide on the priorities for attention.

Unlike at most practices, you will get a full copy of your pet’s medical notes. We want you to understand as much as possible about your pet’s health and how to deliver the best care.

Consultations are by appointment, and we try to keep to time. This can be a challenge with unforeseen problems and with emergencies. Our reception nurses are trained in triage – assessing quickly which problems need to take priority – please speak up if you feel your pet needs more urgent attention.

If you are unable to stay for an appointment, don’t worry – we run an excellent Drop-Off Service. Just fill in our Drop-Off Form, one of our nurses will see you and your pet for a triage consultation and admit your pet.  We will call you after completing the physical examination to discuss the needs of your pet. There is no additional charge for this very convenient service.

Wellness packages for senior pet care

Pets age much faster than we do, reaching middle age at 6-8 years. Prevention or early detection of problems will enable your pet to lead a happier, longer life. Screening tests allow us to detect many diseases before the signs are physically obvious.

Level 1 (Cats and dogs)
  • A physical exam assessing oral health, mobility, eye, ear and skin problems, heart and lungs are checked. We will help you check for early signs of cognitive dysfunction – often called ‘catzheimers’ or ‘dogzeimers’.
  • A complete blood count to detect a variety of illnesses such as hidden infections and some cancers
  • Other blood tests to check liver and kidney function.
  • Urine tests
  • Blood pressure checks
Level 2 --- Cats (all of the above plus):
  • Thyroid hormone testing
  • Electrolyte level tests
  • Fundoscopy (examination of retinas)
Level 2 --- Dogs (all of the above plus):
  • Ultrasound scan of the abdomen to detect changes in abdominal organs is very useful in dogs (cats are so small we can usually detect changes in the abdomen by feel). A sedative is given so that you pet is completely relaxed. A patch of hair is clipped to allow clear ultrasound imaging.
  • Fundoscopy detects retinal atrophy, common in many breeds of dogs, as well as other problems.
Level 3, (Cats and dogs, all of the above plus):
Two chest x-rays to thoroughly evaluate heart and lung changes. If your pet has specific mobility problems eg hip, knee or elbow further x-rays can be added at $30 per view.

Hear what our customers have to say

We choose to travel from Mapua to the Halifax Vet Clinic, Nelson with our pets because we find the vet team to be highly skilled and extremely professional. Their diagnostic skills are excellent, and their verbal explanations and written documentation ensure the pet owners are fully informed of the problems, subsequent treatment and aftercare.

Halifax has extremely sophisticated diagnostic equipment which enables fast, on the spot diagnosis, and hence quicker and more targeted treatment. The veterinary nurses also have a wide knowledge base and are extremely helpful, especially with phone queries.

In view of the above we are totally satisfied our loved pets will get the best care and attention possible.

Jill and Peter Smillie, Mapua

A big thank you to Josie’s extended family at Halifax Veterinary Centre. I wish to thank you all for making Josie feel special not just to me but also to yourselves as well. Your care for her over the years is something that I will always treasure and respect. She was my special friend for nine years and I feel we were all lucky to have a share in her friendship.

Wayne Greig