Introducing our Wellness Room.

Previously our boarding cattery, we have transformed what was an often under-utilised room into a haven for pets, clients and our team.
We are so proud of this space. The separate garden entrance is fantastic for pets who are nervous, noisy or fearful around others and also provides privacy for owners during difficult times. We’ve worked really hard to create a space that is relaxing and as non-clinical as possible. This works well for our massage and behaviour consults and can even help owners who have had bad experiences in a vet clinic to feel more at home.
We provide it to our team as a haven to escape the busy (and sometimes stressful) day and take five minutes to themselves.
A lot of thought and love has gone into this room, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Be sure to let us know when you’re booking in if you’d prefer this space to one of our regular consult rooms.
Hint: if you have a cat who gets scared in the waiting room, an old dog who prefers the couch to the floor, a pet who isn’t great around others or a noisy Nelly…this could be the answer to making your vet visits that little bit easier.