Vet Nurse gives Labraspoodle treat on the scales

Vet Nurse Jo welcomes Rosie to her Nurse Consult with a treat on the scales.

Beautiful Labraspoodle Rosie came in recently for a Nurse Consult with our superstar Vet Nurse, Jo.

Rosie’s mum was concerned as Rosie had been licking at one of her paws. Rosie has a history of being a bit itchy and has also picked up a grass seed in the past which had to be removed surgically. So it makes perfect sense to bring her in for a thorough check if she shows ANY signs of concern.
Jo checked her all over to make sure there weren’t any grass seeds, including inside her ears and between her toes and ran a flea comb over Rosie to ensure there were no current signs of fleas. She came back squeaky clean with no evidence of flea dirt as her owner makes sure to keep on top of her flea prevention.
Jo did notice a few dry, itchy patches and recommended that Rosie see the vet for further advice should these continue to cause concern.
While she was here Rosie was weighed and Jo discussed diet with her owner. As you can see, Rosie was very happy to run through her tricks while on the scales. Anything for a treat!
After making sure everything else was up to date like vaccines and worm treatment Rosie was sent home to continue to be extra cute, stat.
We love being able to offer Nurse Consults at Halifax. They offer a fabulous bonding opportunity for your pet and a chance for a stress-free visit with a lot of fuss, treats and cuddles.
If you’d like to book a Nurse Consult with a member of our stellar nursing team simply head to the Book Now button on our website.