CT scanner for pets in Nelson

Dr Dom oversees a CT scan of a dog.

​Many of you will have seen the TV1 News item last night about an MRI scanner that Pacific Radiology in Christchurch have set up just for use in pets. This is good news for Christchurch pets but don’t worry. Here in Nelson your pets aren’t missing out.

Ever since Tim Barraud founded the Halifax veterinary practice (originally at 46 Halifax St) in 1978 we have enjoyed tremendous support from local radiologists. When we moved to 205 Bridge St 25 years ago we were almost next door to Nelson Radiology at the JC Dore X-Ray Centre and the relationship grew closer.

As part of the Pacific Radiology group the Nelson Radiology team moved to their new premises in Collingwood St about 10 years ago. Shortly after Dr Luke Newnham phoned me and said “We’ve now installed our new CT scanner. Would that be of use to your patients?” You bet!

Advanced facilities allow our patients access to both CT and MRI scans just 400m from the practice.

The same happened when they installed their MRI scanner and they employed someone to run it who had experience performing MRI scans in pets. How good is that!

So your pets have had access to CT and MRI for several years, and only 400m from the Halifax Veterinary Centre. This has been so valuable in helping us solve some tricky problems in dogs and cats. We are so grateful to the superb team at Pacific Radiology who could not be more helpful, caring and kind.