Jo’s Canine Remedial Massage clinics are live!

It is so wonderful to be able to offer this service, which not only helps to alleviate pain and discomfort but can also improve overall quality of life for animals in pain, ultimately extending lifespan in some cases.

Our first poster girl is Sachi, an extremely sweet Heading Dog cross who has been struggling with advancing arthritic changes and hind limb weakness. Sachi receives medication and treatment from our vets for her condition as well as acupuncture. Massage is the perfect complementary therapy as it assists her to relax and brings comfort to both Sachi and her owner.

The lengthy sessions also give Jo the opportunity to discuss lifestyle adjustments such as ramps in the home/car and the length of her walks with Sachi’s Mum, the overall idea being to do absolutely everything we can to cover every facet of care so that Sachi can live the happiest, healthiest, longest life possible.

If you’re interested in hearing more about canine massage simply head over here, where you can book or fill in an enquiry form.