Coffee and Cake at Halifax to celebrate!

Once again we are celebrating a successful BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards audit. Drop in for coffee and something sweet. A treat for your pet too. We like to reward them for getting their weight checked!

This was our 12th audit since March 2000 when we became the very first vet practice in New Zealand to gain accreditation to the top Hospital Standards level of BESTPRACTICE. There are currently just two practices in New Zealand at this level.

It takes a lot of work to maintain our systems, protocols and staff training at this level. So why do we bother?

Because it gives your pets the best chance of having a successful outcome, not just in the high-stakes situations of anaesthesia and surgery, but also in the everyday activities of veterinary practice.

Good systems and protocols give us a better chance of getting the diagnosis right first time. An accurate diagnosis means the best treatment can be chosen. Your pet can get better quicker and with less pain and inconvenience. That is usually cost-effective too. Often the biggest cost in healthcare is getting it wrong.

Good cleaning and disinfection protocols minimise the risk of disease spreading from one pet to another. Excellent sterilisation and theatre practices minimise surgical infections. Top level anaesthetic monitoring and patient warming systems minimise the risks of anaesthesia.

Our staff take a lot of pride in working at this level. I think that BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards accreditation has been a big factor in that. Our people really know the ropes

As some of you will know we don’t get it right every time in service, diagnosis, or treatment outcome. We are committed to getting better and better all the time. Even at this audit we were able to get advice on how to make some more little improvements.

We really do appreciate any feedback we can get from you, our clients, both on what you really like as well as areas for improvement. Please come and share them over a coffee!

Hans Andersen and the Halifax Team

PS Please tell a pet-loving friend. We would love more clients like you!