As we reflect on the Christmas just past the highlights will probably be wonderful times with family and friends rather than the stuff we received. Presents do give us a thrill but the investment in relationships pays the biggest dividend.

When Tedi Busch joined Duncan Graham and me way back in 1991 we spent a weekend planning how we would work together. First we had to get a consensus on just what our purpose was as vets. We realised that at its most basic what we did was service the relationship people have with their pets. Everything we did was so you could enjoy your pets being happy and healthy for as long as possible. That has shaped a practice focussed on preventive care and staying well. Read more… 

As we make our New Year resolutions let’s make sure we include our pets. Making time for long walks, sometimes exploring new places. Cuddles and the gift of attention.
This works well for everyone else in the family too!

New Year hours:
We are open from 10 am to 4 pm on both New Year’s Day and January 2nd.

Our best wishes for you and your pets for 2021!
Hans and the Halifax team