We all have friends and relations who are alive today because vigilance with a skin lump or screening tests picked up melanoma, cervical, prostate or other cancer at an early stage when they could be cured.

Here is your opportunity to take action to benefit your pet.

Take the time now to check your pet carefully for any lumps or bumps. If you find any, mark the spot(s) with a dot of nail polish, call Halifax, tell us how many lumps you have found, and make an appointment for tumour mapping.


This costs $109 for one lump and, as part of this special offer, a maximum of $209 if there are five or more lumps. That’s right! Even if there are 15 lumps it will still be just $209!


Of course many cancers can be internal. When you visit we will give your pet a thorough examination.


Reply to this Daffodil Day Special offer with Hospice in the Subject line and we will do a bracket of health screening blood tests that usually cost $84, for free! We will also give $10 for each patient booked to the Nelson Region Hospice.


These blood tests assess the function of internal organs and include markers for some cancers. We all have friends and relations who are alive today because screening tests picked up cervical, prostate or other cancer at an early stage when they could be cured. Others have taken action to manage weight, cholesterol or blood pressure to dramatically improve their life expectancy and sense of well-being.


In pets screening tests are even more important because it is hard to notice in our pets the subtle changes that we might recognise in ourselves when something internal is not quite right.



What if the screening tests show an abnormality?

This may mean we need to do further testing to find out just what is wrong.


What if the screening tests are normal?

This is valuable information in three ways:

  1. It assures us there is no sign of internal disease.
  2. If your pet needs surgery because a malignant growth is found in tumour mapping, then normal blood results make anaesthetic management easier. We always advise these screening tests before anaesthesia in older pets.
  3. The results provide a benchmark for future screening test as your pet ages.


What is the chance that we will find a malignant growth when tumour mapping?

About 20%, or one in five, skin and subcutaneous (just under the skin) masses in dogs are malignant. In cats this figure is higher.

Lab DR

The advice for pets is the same as for people. Don’t just watch lumps grow. Get them checked!


Grandma was right…..”A stitch in time saves nine!”


Take Action Now!

The biggest obstacle to us taking action on many important things in life is often “getting around to it”. So we are putting a deadline on this Daffodil Day offer.


It is only available for bookings made this week till Friday, September 18th.


Appointments can be scheduled any week day or Saturday morning. You are welcome to leave your pet with us for the day while we do the tests and tumour map. This may be necessary anyway if there are a number of lumps to test.


Our mission at Halifax is to enrich our community by enhancing the relationship that people have with their pets, helping them lead happier, healthier and longer lives.


We all know that it is often not taking action that is the greatest threat to a happy, healthy and long life.



Thank you for supporting the Nelson Region Hospice and helping us help your pet.